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PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver

PocketWizard Plus II Transceiver

The PocketWizard Plus II transceiver is beautiful in its simplicity. The Plus II is an "auto-sensing" transceiver which automatically switches from receive to transmit as needed and reliably triggers lights and/or cameras up to 1600 feet away.

Utilizing advanced digital technology, four, 16-bit channels are available for selective firing of lights or remote cameras. Images can be captured at up to 12fps, faster then any current DSLR. Ultra-fast microprocessors allow for top sync speeds of 1/250th-second for focal-plane shutters and 1/500th for leaf shutters.

The PocketWizard Plus II transceiver offers great flexibility and ease of use for photographers who demand a reliable wireless solution to plug in, turn on and shoot.

Range: 500m
Max Shooting Rate: up to 12fps
Battery Life: 60h
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