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Studio/Outdoor Muslin Backdrop Kit

Studio/Outdoor Muslin Backdrop Kit

A great backdrop kit for studio/indoor/outdoor photography. The kit comprises of:

- 3 x 6m Muslin Backdrop + bag (Available in either white, black or chromakey blue)
- 2x 2.75m Backdrop/Light Stands
- 4 x 0.75m cam lock-top tubes
- 2x reversible spigots (1/4” and 3/8” threads)
- Carry Bag for Stand kit

6m x 3m muslin cotton photographic backdrop. Also great for video, theatre, bands, DJs and all sorts of gigs. Heavy seamless muslin makes for a great background, and it is easily scrunched up and taken with you. This is nice thick fabric - around 2.5kg of quality cotton in each backdrop. All the edges are seamed (overlocked) for strength and there is an 8cm x 3m rod pocket for easy hanging. This allows the backdrop to hang flat, unlike eyelets which are more suited to curtains.

Stands: These 2 in 1 stands are designed to be used as either an air cushioned light stand or a backdrop stand making them very versatile. These stands are very sturdy - all parts including clamps, brackets & poles are metal and withstand people stepping on the muslin too close to the stand very well. Even the knobs are cast aluminium! The complete stand weighs around 6kg so is easy to carry in the included bag. stands extend from around 1m to 2.75m high. The crossbar has been designed to mount directly to the stands.

The top bar has an all metal click together cam-lock system which does not require tools. There is nothing worse than loosing the vital hex key needed for the cheaper stands 5 minutes before a shoot!

Each of the top bar sections is 0.75m long and it can be assembled in 1.5, 2.25 or 3m lengths. The top bar is smooth when assembled (unlike a tube in tube design which means the bars are uneven diameters leading to ripples in the backdrop)
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